“Don’t pack up yet, we still have three minutes before the bell,” is what the new US History teacher, JoAnn Karel, is known for telling all her classes.

Karel is a Pearland native, having graduated from Alvin high School. She attended the University of Houston, initially studying to attain her law degree, but ended up switching to be a history major.

“I switched my major because I liked the theory of law, but I did not like practicing it,” Karel said. “It was either a win or lose. But with teaching students it is a win win.”

Karel worked hard as a teenager and student to get where she is and believes that others can also do the same.

“I love working with kids and sharing my experiences and knowledge with them,” Karel said. “I think it’s helpful.”

This is karel’s eighth year in Alvin ISD. Her first year she taught at Manvel Junior High, then for six years at Nolan Ryan Junior High teaching eighth grade history, and this is her first year teaching eleventh grade US History.

“I enjoy working with eleventh grade and I love the energy of high school students,” Karel said.  “The maturity level of high school students is different from the middle school students. The stakes are higher.”


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