English teacher Ashley Marquez shows passion not only in English,  but in teaching her students.

            “I’ve always liked people, and I’ve always liked English.  So I thought teaching would be the right fit,” Marquez said.

Inspired by another teacher she knew, Marquez pursued English and teaching. After graduating from Pearland High School, she graduated and got her bachelor’s degree at Sam Houston State University, and her master’s at Oklahoma University.

“I started teaching in Cleveland, TX in 2001,” Marquez said. “I started teaching because I had a really great teacher in high school, and I saw what difference she made in my life and so I wanted to do the same.”

Not only does Marquez show passion and enjoyment in teaching, but she also enjoys seeing her students develop into their own person not only during her class but after her class, as well.

“My favorite part about teaching is the kids,”  she said. ” You guys are all individuals and talented and it’s incredible to watch you students change year to year. I like getting to see my new students and teach them something new, or hear them get excited over a new book they are reading.”

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