Four senior athletes, Leon Gilmore, Makenzie Smajstrla, Rangie Bessard, and Brianna Turner were signed to college sports programs yesterday in the Manvel High School Gym.

Gilmore, a boys varsity basketball player, signed to Creighton University. Creighton University, located in Omaha, Nebraska, is a top school for basketball. After visiting the school, Gilmore found that the school stood out the most from others when they treated him like family after he visited last summer.

“I felt relieved,” Gilmore. “I can focus on high school basketball now.”

Smajstrla, a varsity track member, signed to Texas ATM College Station as a high-jumper. Though she received many letters from colleges around the nation, she always knew that she wanted to go to ATM.

“Now, I have to work harder to become a better D1 athlete to compete at the college level, and to set more records this year,” Smajstrla said.

Bessard, a girls varsity basketball player, signed to the University of Minnesota. The school fits her because of the good basketball program and the excellent Pre-Med program.

“It was a great experience,” Bessard said. “I feel very blessed to have this moment and I’m very excited and overwhelmed.”

Turner, a girls varsity basketball player, signed to the University of Notre Dame. She enjoys the team, the campus, and the academics of the school,  all of which led her to choose the school.

“I felt relieved,” Turner said. “It was a long process, but it’s finally over.”

Story By: Marco Amaya

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