DSC_0047 Sophomore Gianeen Magno

“She sounds fierce and it’s just music you can get up and dance to.”





DSC_0045 Sophomore Josh Ugat

“I think it’s really good because she matured as an artist with this release of her album.  She is a very inspirational person.”





DSC_0043 Assistant Principal Doctor Donald Brown

“She is phenomenal. She is one of the best of all time. It’s not her greatest work, but it’s really good. There are several songs on there that you can just listen to and feel the vibes. She’s incredible. She doing things that no one has done ever.”




DSC_0009 Junior Kaitlyn Whiting 

“I think that the album was her best. She’s finally getting out of her box and just made history by putting her album out overnight without telling anyone and sold over 800,000 in three days.”




DSC_0006Junior Kevin Vasko

“I loved it. The music videos were awesome, too. She’s my girl.”





DSC_0005 Junior Omar Abuzaher

“I feel like she’s really outdone herself. It was a totally unplanned release, and then there were like fourteen music videos that were never even heard of. It was very touchy-feely. It was amazing. I love Beyoncé.”





Senior Christian Ballard

“It was okay, but I like old Beyoncé.”

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