The MHS Student Council went on a weekend retreat to a leadership conference in the Mo-Ranch conference center, outside of Kerrville, TX.

photo (1)Students from Student Councils all over the state of Texas met in the 6800 acre conference center where they met to exchange experiences and ideas on how to better run their respective organizations. In addition, attendants also sat in on lectures, participated in workshops, and took classes that provided them with guidance and advice from experienced leaders.

“They had a guest speaker, and he taught all about what kind of person they need to be, leadership qualities, and how to reach out to other students,” StuCo sponsor Carol Fountain said. “He was very very funny, and he kept them very very busy.”

It wasn’t all work and no play for members of the StuCo, however; students also had plenty of down-time between all the planned activities.

“The kids had recreational time, [during which] they went zip-lining,” Fountain said. “There was [also] a big swing that fell from about 4 stories. Activity-wise, the kids really got a kick out of that because it got them out of the classroom.”

But when all the fun and games were over, students returned to their activities to learn valuable skills to make a better Student Council .

“I learned that every situation has a solution,” StuCo Vice-President Rakeb Wogayehu said. “The solution might not be easy, but either way, there is a solution.”


Story By: Karla Leyja

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