Incoming freshmen gathered in the cafeteria on Aug. 15 to participate in the annual fish camp.

The camp was organized to give freshmen their schedules and the chance to learn more about the school as well as a few of the organizations available. Freshmen toured the halls in several small groups, all of which were guided by upperclassmen.

The camp began with a few introductory words by teachers and counselors and some discussion on various school policies, such as dress code, and later transitioned with a dance by a small group of Majestics and a routine by the varsity cheerleaders.

“I’m excited about the group of upcoming freshmen,” principal Charlotte Liptack said. “They have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and they’re excited to be Manvel Mavericks.”

After the freshmen were divided into smaller groups, the students were rotated through three activities: a club introduction, schedule pick-up, and an ice cream social. There, students were able to get their first taste of high school and voice excitement or concern about the change of schools.

“I’m nervous that I’ll get lost and won’t find my right class and walk into the wrong one,” freshman Gisselle Chamagua said.

Later, the students were taken on a tour of the building, having questions answered along the way.

“[I’m excited about] the clubs. I wanna do student council— it seems fun,” freshman Jackson Jarmoe said.

The camp kindled anticipation for the upcoming year. Some became excited for the various art clubs, others for the great amount of community service programs, and others for the sporting events and opportunities.

“[Sports get] harder every year, and on top of that, you get scholarships and scouts out there, too,” freshman Andrew Felder said. “So, every day that you go on the floor, every day that you go on the court, you actually have to work harder and harder because this year starts your whole future.”

Story by: Marco Amaya


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