Manvel High School hosts a wide range of foreign exchange students who are eager to learn the American culture.

These students have traveled across the world to experience the American culture and better their English speaking skills. The juniors participating in the foreign international exchange program come to America and live with a host family for a year. A host family volunteers to take care of one or two students for the year.

“[My host family] is very nice to me and they treat me like their own child.” German student Martin Kober said. “I am pretty happy to be a part of the family.”

It took a lot of courage to leave their families behind and embark on this trip to the USA, but these brave students have a great support system from their parents.

“It’s so hard to leave my family.” Nanako Mizuno said. “But they were so happy for me, especially my dad because he wanted me to study abroad because the experience would help me in the future.”

These kids are very intrigued by the American culture and the differences between the behaviors of people where he was raised and Americans.

“Germans are a little bit more organized and strict and [America] is more laid back.” Kober said.

The foreign exchange program not only encourages being amerced into the American culture to make lasting friendships and relationships with the new people in their environment.

“I want to have a good relationship with my [host] family and have some friends to come and visit when I go back home.” Jakob Alsaker said.

These students are still getting used to the major differences in the school system. The education system changes in various ways such as the way classes are set up, to the grading system.

“In Brazil I’m a senior but here I’m a junior because I’m an exchange student.” Marcella Piazzetta said. “The classes have at least 300 people and the teacher rotates classes.”


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