Students in English teacher Jade Stenger’s class have started a online blog, Reflective Spin,  where any student can submit pieces to share with the world, and so far, that is exactly what has happened. Entries have all ready been viewed by readers in France, Germany and Canada, as well as the US.

The blog was started in December so that students could have a fun way to get feedback from people other than teachers. “I wanted to give my kids the opportunity to see how their words can impact somebody else’s life,” Jade Stenger said. “I want to show students that they are writers and they have different abilities.”

On the blog readers can find book reviews, poems and life stories. “The blog is really cool, students can write behind a screen name,” sophomore Analiyah Quiroa said. “I think it’s going to be a great escape for some people.”

The blog gives students a chance to express themselves in a new and innovative way.

“It’s going great.” Stenger said.  The blog has only been up for a month and it already has over 1000 views. Student writers have been gaining recognition on other writing cites. Stenger encourages anyone from MHS to check it out and to also submit their pieces.

If you want to check the blog out, you can go to

Story By: Rayne Calhoun

rgb (2)

“The image is meant to express the enjoyment of a person who finds satisfaction in reading and writing,” artist Vivian Vu said. “When it comes to reading a book or writing down your thoughts in the form of a story or some kind of confusingly beautiful poem, people have a lot of strong and “colorful” feelings that shine through the words they etch on a sheet of paper. So, the bright blobs of color are just a visualization of the thinking that goes on in one’s head when doing such things as reading or writing something awesome. When something stimulates a person to read or tell a story or create something innovative, their thought process turns into a jumbled mess of elaborate ideas. In other words, the feeling of inspiration that’s stemmed from reading or writing is equivalent to a messy yet kindling painting of every color in the spectrum.” 

– Vivian Vu, student artist

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