Students, staff and members of the Manvel High School community took part in a balloon release ceremony today, dedicated to celebrating the lives of three deceased students.

Seniors Zori Petrova, Josh Rodriguez, and Sara Silvas died in a single-car accident around 2 p.m. on Wednesday in Manvel. Today’s ceremony consisted of a song performed by senior Erica Honore and junior Hunter Hagdorn, a poem written by senior Kayse Musse, some words from principal Charlotte Liptack, and the release of over 3,000 balloons.

“All three of these students were model students,” Liptack said. “They were exceptional athletes, brilliant minds, and great friends. They all loved and were loved passionately. Families, friends, and students, today I search for words of comfort. But I have no words. Only hope and faith can bring you to comfort.”


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