Manvel high school is overflowing with musicians. From bands, to brother and sister duos and solo artists, there are so many students here that are bursting with talent and that talent deserves to be recognized. Every couple of weeks, there will be a Maverick music artist featured and a link will be provided for you to listen to their music and experience their talent first hand.



Their fingers moved up the frets of their guitars and they gripped their microphones, shouting out lyrics in their small practice space. They jumped around and banged their heads to the beats as if they were already on stage. These musicians with big dreams of playing for a packed stadium with flashing lights and adoring fans are starting from humble beginnings. One day they hope to be in an arena with loud fans singing their music back to them. One day they hope to be like their idols. One day they hope the world knows their name.

These artists are a local experimental metal band named Azoth. The band is comprised of junior, James “Kesley” Richardson, vocals, piano and guitarist, senior, Kayse Musse, vocals, senior, Jacoby “Bobby” Quintanilla, bassist and vocals, junior, Alex Aguirre, bassist and vocals and senior, Jacob Cravens, guitarist and vocals, who attends Alvin high school.

“The word azoth represents the correlation between the beginning and the end, like the alpha and the omega.” Richardson said.

The band has only been playing music together since the summer of 2014 but they individually have been playing music since they were young. Most of the musicians have been strongly influenced by artists such as Pink Floyd, Cynic, Black Sabbath, and more. As kids, these artists picked up guitars and microphones and made music a priority in their lives.

“When I first saw my cousin playing guitar… and [seeing] live performances…I knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.” Quintanilla said.

These artists have created a unique sound to their music which is what appeals to their growing fan base. Their music makes you think. It makes you feel things you have never experienced and the lyrics tell strong stories. For example, their next album is all about the concept of death. In one of the new songs, The Alchemist, he finds the Philosophers stone which he uses to live forever. He is forced to watch all his friends and family pass on and the song speaks on the emotions he goes through.

“Our music is about anything overly emotional,” Richardson said.

The band has recently recruited a new member, Kayse Musse. The idea of him joining the band began as a joke, as he and Kesley played around with the band’s music on the piano. However, at one point, he began to realize how much he enjoyed the musicality of Azoth’s music and he joined the band. He hopes to enhance their sound with his voice.

“I want to bring more soul to the music.” Musse said.

Music is a driving force between the members; it is a constant conversation topic as they can go on for hours about it. Music is everything to them all and each one of them has a strong belief that music changes lives.

“Whether you’ve had a good day or a bad day, music is always there for you,” Aguirre said. “It helps you express yourself and helps you understand other people’s views on life.”

The five artists have created a bond over music and are more than just band mates, but great friends. They are just a bunch of fun loving guys with a music obsession.

“If all my dreams come true, I’d just be making music with my friends for the rest of my life.” Richardson said.

If Azoth has caught your attention then feel free to go to the link below and take a listen to their unique sound. You won’t regret it!

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