Every Thursday, the TMI staff will post a story written in the past by alumni staff as a part of a collection we are calling the “Throwback Stories.” This story was written by Payal Patel in December of 2007 for Volume 1, Edition 1.


Many of you have been asking about it, and, after a little delay, TMI is finally in business.

The Informer staff has been working very hard, and we now present to you the very first Maverick Informer newspaper edition.

The Informer staff would like to be introduced as the newest group of history makers here at Manvel High School.   Although new and unexperienced, we are a great group of people who are willing to work hard and go to any limit to get the story down on paper. The staff is dedicated to get the news on as many Manvel events and issues as possible.

At the beginning of the year, our staff began as an undeveloped tiny group with no newspaper background.

After a crash course in newswriting, photography and design, a small war with Ms.Short about computer games, and a dozen arguments between Costa and SJ, we are ready to roll.

Now with our first issue out, we are still tiny, but we are learning and developing ever so fast. Our readers are encouraged to have patience with our imperfections and support the new heart of the school by giving us your thoughts and opinions.

This year, newspaper goals are set very high. We have grand expectations for our publication, and we have plenty of great ideas and lots of energetic, excited staffers.

If you would like to know more about the newspaper, just drop by the room and talk to our advisor, Ms. Short.

Keep on the lookout for the next issue of TMI coming after the holidays and if you would like to make any kind of suggestions or put in any of your opinions, then feel free to drop them off in the suggestion box outside of room A244.

Story by: Payal Patel

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