Every once in a while, a member of our staff chooses a teacher on campus that they feel is particularly interesting. This segment is known as “Teacher Feature.” 

The corner of the downstairs hallway may seem a little dull but inside room C130, it is anything but.

That room belongs to Dr. Hans Infante who has been teaching for over 20 years from Colombia to America. Previously a professor at San Jacinto College, Infante has had more than enough experience to teach AP Physics One and AP Physics C.

“I never thought that I was going to be a physicist,” Infante said. “I loved science since I was very young. I loved biology and chemistry and all the sciences and  I just ended up going into the path of physics.”

Infante was born in Bogota, Colombia on May 9, 1966. There, he also taught at the National University of Colombia before moving to America to continue his career.

“[Colombia] had a lot of economic and political problems,” Infante said. “We wanted to have a better life so we just moved here. And then I was able to keep going with physics so I like it here.”

His love for science has touched the hearts and brains of students all this year, encouraging them to see physics as more than just a class they had to take for graduation. From building toothpick bridges to launching pumpkins, Infante loves to find new ways teach physics.

“[Physics] is challenging,” Infante said. “And I love challenges so I wanted to study physics because it was fun. It was very difficult but it was fun because easy things are very boring to me.”

Many of Infante’s students can sometimes be heard claiming that his class was beyond difficult and that he, according to senior Karla Leyja, did not believe in curving test scores. However, students soon realized that his difficult method of teaching was only so he could ensure that his students actually mastered the subject.

“Dr, Infante’s class made me value learning rather than grades,” junior Dina Zamil said. “It made me want to achieve because I’m interested in physics, not because I want an A on my report card.”

Infante’s dedication to science is an obvious fact, inspiring his AP students to further pursue science in the future.

“[Science] is not just a profession,” Infante said. “It’s a way of living.”

Story By: Jennifer Nguyen


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