Prom. When one thinks of the word, dazzling dresses and immaculate tuxedos comes to mind. What they don’t know is that prom is months of preparation, months of deadlines to meet, and months of sweaty palms of those who asked out their dates. This year was not at all different.

The big event couldn’t have been as successful or as organized without the help of our very own World History teacher Stephanie Tillery and English teacher Gabrielle Wilson, who spent months in advance planning out how the ‘Night to Remember’  would be a night to reminisce after it was all said and done. The evening arrived with the students flocked to Moody Garden’s Hotel in Galveston on May 2 at 8 p.m.

“We actually were able to[get] 1,000 tickets because we got a bigger ballroom,” Tillery said. “We only sold 617.”

As the night carried on, the results for Prom queen and king were proclaimed to the masses. Our seniors waited with bated breath as the two students were named. Seniors Ariana Jefferson and Qyalan Clay were crowned as our 2015 prom queen and king, the two smiling with complete happiness as the ceremonial white sashes with their titles were draped over their fancy tux and gorgeous dress.

“I was excited; I didn’t know it was going to be me,” Jefferson said. “It felt good that people voted for me and that I represented Manvel as their 2015 Prom Queen.”

Juniors and seniors came to prom with different ideas of what to wear for this unforgettable moment. There was an array of golds and red attire all around the ballroom floor Ariana Jefferson arrived in a stunning bronze colored dress with golden orange sequins that were adorned on her chest. For Qyalan Clay, this male smiled for the cameras in an all-black outfit with golden buttons, which fitted well with his snowy crown.

“Since I’m already Mr. MHS, I was also thrilled to be crowned Manvel High school 2015 Prom King. It was such a great feeling.” Clay said.

After a series of ‘promposals’ done by fellow students, freshman Isaac Marquez stood out this year particularly because he was a freshmen asking out a senior. After a night preparations with the assistance given by senior Aaron Knight, Marquez came up with a poster to show to the freshman’s date. Dressed in their medieval costumes, the two presented the poster to Alexis Caballa who said yes.

“I just thought I could make a poster like everyone else.”  Marquez said.

Others took a different route for prom—without dates, that is. Senior Jonathan Amaya chose to attend prom with just a few of his friends. There was not as much worrying about expenses, what to wear, or who to dance with.

“For one, it’s cheaper,” Amaya said. “Once you’re at the dance, it’s so much more fun. It’s less stressful.”

No matter who wore what, who went with whom, or who came, the event itself was magnificent.

“I really enjoyed seeing everybody dressed up and everyone having a good time,” Tillery said. “That’s my favorite memorable moment.”

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