Every Thursday, the TMI staff will post a story written in the past by alumni staff as a part of a collection we are calling the “Throwback Stories.” This story was written by Joshua Drumming in May of 2011 for Volume 4, Edition 5.

Right about now, seniors are faced with decisions that will begin and determine their very future. They are rapidly approaching a time where they must separate from their parents and dive into the world by themselves.

High school seniors are only weeks away from graduating from high school, and are now looking into their futures.

“I want to go to college, so I can get somewhere; I want to get signed by a music label,” senior Phillip Merrell said.

This is the popular sentiment among exiting high schoolers, as they begin to pursue lucrative potential occupations in search of success. While many intend to go to college, others want to speed up their collision with the outside world.

“I’d like to be a hairstylist, because it is really fun and just something different,” senior Rikki Palomaroz said.

Those headed away to a new school and home are often headed either into the hallowed halls of academia or the glorious trenches of college sports.

“I am going to play college baseball at North Central Texas College, because I am chasing my dream,” senior Clayton Vaughn said.

When students exit high school, many of them worry about how they can start a path that will lead to success in their own lives, but a few individuals are striving to improve the lives of not only themselves, but of others as well.

“I want to go to Prairie View to major in Psychology and eventually open up my own business, comparable to that of a Big Brother program, to help kids that don’t have a role model in their life,” senior Jacob Gomez said.

This desire to help others usually manifests itself in a variety of ways, one such way being the answering of the siren call of America’s defense.

“I want to go to college and, after that, head to the Navy, because I have always wanted to be a Navy seal,” senior Treveon Bowers said.

It is proven that college students will change their major an average of three to five times within the course of their stay in college. It seems that Manvel’s seniors will be doing the same.

“I would like to be a chemical engineer, because I would like to use my skills in Chemistry to improve the environment; to be valedictorian, I had to develop a work ethic that showed many that I needed to work hard to achieve success, and I will take that work ethic to college,” valedictorian Charley George said.

There is no true, defined formula to achieve success after high school, but one that has achieved Charley’s measure of success can offer a few beneficial tips as to how one can attain some degree of success.

“Set your goals, set your priorities, and try your best to achieve them,” George said.

No matter what future occupation or school Manvel’s class of seniors attempt to enter into, they are attempting to reach for the stars and pave their own way in this world to achieve their goals.

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