As a young person growing up, it is often a struggle to learn what makes one happy in life. However, as a child and budding musician, Ashten White learned at a young age that music was a source of pure joy in her life.

“My parents always had music playing around the house,” White said. “It was just something that brought me happiness personally.”

Ashten’s music is a family affair in which she performs and records with her brother, Aaron. Aaron and Ashten are under their family owned label created by their father. Music is truly a bonding force between these family members. Aaron and Ashten write their music together and the two of them both have a strong appreciation of music on and off stage. The two create crossover music meaning that  there are many different genres within their songs. Most are strongly influenced by acoustic sounds, which create an indie rock feel, while others deal with reggae vibes and slight jazz undertones.

“[Aaron]’s extremely musically talented and we both feed off of each other’s energy,” Ashten said.  “A lot of times when we play, you can sense our bond and how much we love music.”

Aaron and Ashten have played countless gigs. Just recently they performed at SXSW amongst a large crowd and surrounded by so many well known artist and up and comers like themselves. She also was given the opportunity to perform in New York a couple of months ago with her brother.

“My favorite gig I’ve played so far is Notsuoh which is Houston backwards. It’s this little hole in the wall gig and it’s a bunch of random people going in and out the whole time,” Ashten said. “ What I liked is that everyone was extremely attentive.”

Ashten believes that performing is the best way to release emotions and have people be able to relate back to them with their lyrics.

“I like when people listen to me and I like being able to connect with my audience,” Ashten said. “I love performing because I feel free and I feel let go of everything.”

Ashten believes that not only is it important to perform and have relatable lyrics, but it is also important to give back. She believes strongly about using her voice for other things besides singing. Whether it’s writing lyrics for another artist for their words to be heard or working at local charities, she wants to impact lives. Her family is already working with various charities including Dance Houston, Art in Motion, Beauty for Freedom, and Closets for Causes which is located in Los Angeles.

“It’s really important to me to give a voice to people who don’t have one,” Ashten said.

If you find Ashten’s self expression through music interesting and would like to hear her and her brothers music, click the links below and listen or follow them for updates.


Story By: Lexus Jacobs


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