Senior Summer Photo Appointment times

***UPDATE- for any senior student NOT on the appointment list, please come Aug. 3-6 any time at your convenience. The Strawbridge photographers will work you in.  For any questions, call Strawbridge customer service at 866-624-6229 or 919-226-3037.

Senior Mavs,

Check this list to see what time you should come take your senior pics with Strawbridge Photography Aug 3-6.  For the yearbook photo, no payment is needed. Just show up for your photo! For cap and gown and extra photos, there is a fee. Photos are Aug. 3-6 in MHS auditorium. If you can’t show during your appointment time, come by when you can. Strawbridge will still take your photo.

See this link for appointments:

108215 Manvel HS APPT LIST 8-3-1

Look here to see more info on photo fees:

108215 Manvel HS CS 8-3-2

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