Proj Grad Ending With Bang

Project Graduation held a meeting on Jan.21 in the LGI for senior students and their parents to discuss fundraising opportunities and available venue options.

The purpose of Project Graduation is to create a lively environment to celebrate graduation and offering a safe and enjoyable alternative to the fatal result of drunk driving on graduation night. Funding of the project will go towards party attractions and other activities. Designing, planning, and wishful thinking has been the main part of coming up with these momentous occasion for the departing Mavericks.

Several parents have volunteered to help out their seniors to make their graduation amazing and memorable.

“I’m looking forward to helping out,” supporting parent Juanita Marasckin said. “[I want to] make this year’s event fun and rewarding for all the seniors attending.”

To accommodate this year’s large senior class, the project will require fundraising on an equally large scale. Head of Project Graduation, Laura Otto, works with student members to seek an ultimately rewarding time for graduates in May.

“Project Graduation is a night to celebrate the seniors’ success and be together one last time as a student body before taking different future paths,” Otto said.

Seniors and parents who wish to participate in the functions of Project Graduation are encouraged to attend their next meeting on Feb. 18.


Story by: Liliana Marin

Stampede Yearbook Courtesy Photo


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