How She Met Hillary

bushranewSenior Bushra Hamid had an opportunity to meet Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at a recent rally in Houston. This is her story of her adventure. TMI is giving you her story, in her words.


On How I met Hillary

“A fellow Harvard 2 020 student from Texas texted me just a day before Hillary was supposedly visiting Houston and told me about the rally being held at Texas Southern University for the presidential candidate. This thus subsequently forced me to cancel my plans for the afternoon of the next day as I would have been crazy to give up the opportunity to see the former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State speak, regardless of whether or not I was voting for her.

So on February 20th, 2016, around 6:20 PM, a group of friends and I were found waiting in the long line to enter the hall for which the event was taking place. Not until 8:33 PM  did we finally reach the security checkpoint, thus securing our spots in the large TSU auditorium. Hillary came, Hillary spoke, we freaked, we cheered.

After the conclusion of the event, around 11 PM, Mrs. Clinton briefly went around the room meeting several attendees. The hall had a few thousand people in it, but my determined self managed to squeeze my way up to where Hillary was. She was so beautiful and kind as she gracefully took my phone and snapped two pictures with me, my little sister, and herself. YES!” – Bushra Hamid

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