Heart- Stopping Scenes


The smell of spilled gasoline fills the senses and the sound of torn, crushed metal booms though the air. Three students are helped onto a stretcher with braces around their necks; grasping onto any thread of life they can find. Another six students, star athletes and mathletes, star students and star friends lay still in either car, unable to move or breathe or think or feel.  Six young students have had their lives abruptly ended or changed forever due to distracted driving, which could have been prevented.

The Shattered Dreams program has a goal to prevent just that.

Shattered Dreams took place yesterday, April 7. It began as a mock car crash of six students who were involved in a car accident due to driving while distracted, such as texting or using the phone in any form. This staged scene was watched by juniors and seniors to portray to students how fast lives could end in a car accident that could have been prevented. Cars used in the stimulation were donated from an actual car accident where one life was lost. Shattered dreams took place on McCoy Road. Then, this morning, a mock memorial took place where a student life was remembered and dangers of distracting driving was discussed. Audio/ visual students stayed up all night to produce a MHS Shattered Dreams video to show to the upperclassmen.

Teacher Stephanie Nelson has played a major role in Shattered Dreams, making it all possible.

Shattered Dreams simulates sadness and fear for students, and the goal is for this situation to look as realistic as possible. Although a stimulated car crash could be scary, some victims were rather excited to participate.

“I’m extremely excited to be the next victim,” junior Noelle Redman said. “Just because it send such a good message that can really get to people and promote safe driving.”

Story By: Tamera Hilliard

Photos: Genie Gutierrez


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