Walking For Life

Women and children with pink shirts flood the field with batons in hand and clutching water bottles in the other. Stands hold foods and t- shirts all ready for any ready buyer. This day in particularly is not the usual Saturday. No, it’s April 8th-Relay For Life Day.

Relay for life is one day in particular where our community gets together in support for those lives lost in battle or are still battling cancer.

“Anything I can do to give back in any form or fashion when it comes to cancer, I’m all there,” student Council Sponsor Darnelle Weatherspoon said.  “We came together as a school to raise money, and I’m proud of that. Next year I feel like we’ll do an even better job though. I think we should raise cancer awareness around the school so that we can do a better job staying active in fundraisers like relay for life.”

took part in the event by walking the track, selling shirts and snacks for the fundraiser, and participating in Student council members activities.

“I loved seeing the smiles on little boy’s and girl’s faces when we sold them a shirt or treat,” Madeleine Andriola, Vice president of student council said, “Being able to walk the track to show support also helped me see a bigger picture. I’m being selfless and walking for someone and doing something for someone else.”


Photos and story by: Sophomore Jenayah Evans

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