Maverick’s New Leader

PRINThere are many new changes for MHS this school year, including the arrival of  new principal, Robert Martinez.

And as a new arrival, he said he is expecting to reinforce the values of the school. Former principal Charlotte Liptack is headed to AISD Administration  with a director position.

Martinez plans to begin the year by building friendly student relations; interacting in the daily lives of the students and staff being a priority. He is able to achieve this by using his prior experiences on the AISD school board. He was previously the principal of Fairview Junior High before coming to Manvel, and had also worked with the families of students.

”I began as the district’s parent involvement coordinator,” Martinez said. “I worked to strengthen family partnerships, and being a parent-involvement coordinator showed me that a lot of people outside of the district want to help us. I want the kids to be comfortable with me.”

And whilst making sure that the school body is comfortable, it is still important to remember that dress code will be taken as seriously as years prior. Martinez says he knows the topic of dress code can cause friction between the students and the staff, but he wants the students to be accountable of their own dress code.

“We want to be good role models,” Martinez said. “You wouldn’t like it if your teachers showed looking sloppy to school every day.”

And due to the  decrease of students in the school because of the Shadow Creek High opening, Martinez has made himself accessible by putting his school email on the front page of the school website, allowing students to reach him easier when he’s needed.

“This year, MHS has the largest senior class, and the smallest freshman class,” Martinez said. “It’ll take about two years to get everything normalized.”

Martinez is ready to start the year on a strong footing, and he hopes to connect with students as much as possible. And by growing these connections, he ensures that he will give all he can so that they can be successful in what they do.

“I would like our students to know we believe in them,” Martinez said. “I’m excited for this school year and I’m proud to be a part of the Maverick Family.”


Story By: Editor Dominic Stigler

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