Educational Energy

Manvel High welcomed students to campus this morning with red carpet treatment. To start Education Go Get It Week off with a flourish, the band played as students came into the building this morning to start their day. Cheer and dance teams were also on hand to celebrate as students arrived.

Counselor Amanda Wade was in charge of this year’s Education Go Get It Week on campus, and her goal is to  encourage all students to finish high school and go to college (4 year or 2 year) or the military.

“Education Go Get It Week is symbolic of the perseverance that students of all backgrounds accomplish each and every time they make the decision to step through the doors and allow us to share, guide, and progress their educational experience,” Wade said. “This morning was awesome. It went better than I expected. Just seeing the students smile assured me that all the hard-work and planning to make this happen was worth it.”

During lunch, the Alvin Community College mascot came to visit.  Blue and college representatives  chatted and answered questions from students during all three lunches.


photos by: Junior Javian Drake and  sophomore Danyella Barajas

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