Engineers Take the Spotlight

 Project Lead The Way hosted an Engineering Expo on  Feb.21 , at 9AM at Manvel High. In addition, Engineering department celebrated their student accomplishments at the gala on Feb. 23. 

Taking place in the MHS pool and big gymnasium, volunteers from engineering classes and programs helped to inform students from Manvel Junior High about the STEM classes offered at MHS

  Teacher Jacob Smith, the sponsor for the Engineering Club here at MHS, and the coordinator for this event said he was pleased with the event. “Exposure to engineering]affects the students dramatically. We need more STEM employees to boost the economy and the technological advances. [Engineering] is crucial for their futures going forward.”

 The Engineering Expo helped to introduce young minds to the possibilities in science and technology with robotics, interactive exhibits, and information about special clubs, like Seaperch

   “Seaperch is an event sponsored by the Navy to get young adults interested in engineering based careers. [In Seaperch], you learn to work in a team-based environment. You can develop team-building skills,” Seaperch Team Captain Scott Ahren said.

 But Seaperch isn’t the only pathway to engineering available. Classes like Principles of Engineering and Civil Engineering help to expose students to engineering, one step at a time.

 “[In the class], you build houses and other architecture. You wouldn’t learn if you didn’t take this class. [In Civil Engineering], you learn how to be careful and precise – and that’s what engineering is all about.” Civil engineering student Quincy Scott said.

Throughout the Expo, visitors learned about what their futures at MHS could be like. But guests from colleges like U of H and Texas State also attended to help steer students in a college-bound direction.

“At U of H, there are lots of options for engineering geared students. Everyone will be bound to be set on a positive pathway as they strive to pave their futures.”  UH recruitment manager Sarah Williamson said. 

 And overall, the Expo was a success. Carl Jones, a 7th grader, from Manvel Junior High said, “[The Expo] is pretty fun. I’m going to enjoy these classes in high school.”

Junior, Quincy Scott shows visitors his projects from Civil Engineering
Manvel Junior High visitors play around with robotics created by the engineering classes at MHS.

And the fun didn’t end there. On Thursday, February 23rd, at 7PM in the auditorium. Project Lead the Way hosted its very first Engineering Gala to award and acknowledge engineering students have put hard work into their innovations and research to make our futures an even brighter place through engineering.


Article and photos by Maggie Habermas, Maverick Informer web editor.


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