Manvel’s Got Talent

Today,   Manvel High School hosted its annual talent show.

Taking place in the auditorium, students from all over the campus showed off their singing and dancing skills

 “It was a good performance. I think the crowd enjoyed it,” sophomore Shalini Patel, who performed a dance number with her older sister, Shivani, said. And the audience did enjoy it. All of their performances were met with abundant applause. And on several occasions, the crowd busted out the flashlights on their phones and sang along with many familiar songs.

 “[The show] went great. I feel like for something that was completely faculty made and with performers that are students with academics and extracurriculars, it was successful,” junior Shannen Dumadag, who sang “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana, said.

For a show that kept getting pushed back with acts coming and going, there was a big out turn. Many students bought $5 tickets to support their friends and classmates.

“[Talent show] was a great opportunity. Originally, I wasn’t going to perform, but I’m glad my friends convinced me to.” senior Nohely Mejia, who sang a moving Selena medley said.

Nohely’s performance landed her the “fan favorite” title by her peers and she was even asked to perform her medley again by assistant principal Eric Landgrebe to please the audience.

And for some performers, this would be their last time on the Manvel stage.

 “Singing has been a big part of my life for a long time. I was pleased with my performance and I’m glad I got to do talent show,” senior Victoria Santana, who performed the song “Powerful” said.

The Manvel Majestics performing at this year’s talent show


Piano guy

dramatic Lan
Mr. Landgrebe had fun announcing the acts and interacting with the crowd


The Manvel High School talent show was a large outcome and success for the ending of this spring semester. Many faculty and students worked very hard to make it happen and let talent have its time in the spotlight.

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