Manvel Senior Shines at Rodeo Art Competition


IMG_4646 (2)

Senior Alliah Hernandez has been awarded with a $20,000 scholarship for writing two essays funded by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Hernandez was asked to write about the people in her life who have played a leading role in her secondary education.

“For the HLSR Scholarship, I wrote two essays, predominantly about the influence of my family on my high school career,” Hernandez said. “A particular favorite was the essay I wrote about how my dad has influenced me not only as an inspiration, but a guiding light towards pursuing both my passion for the arts and school.”

Art can be a talent and a craft for many people involved, but can also design the foundation needed for them to tap into their creative eye.

“Art, despite it also being one of my AP Classes during my junior and senior year, allowed me to have an escape from the studying,” Hernandez said. “While it is a stressful class in terms of the rigorous pacing, it also helped me let my brain have a break from all the craziness of AP Classes.”

Hernandez is involved in many AP classes, so due to her busy schedule the application process was at the time the least of her worries.

“Honestly, I submitted the day it was due,” Hernandez said. “It completely passed my mind, ironically, due to my hectic school schedule, however, Mrs. Satterwhite was ever the persistent and supportive art teacher and made me submit the application during her class.”

Hernandez plans on attending UT Austin once she graduates high school. With college an additional expense is added, tuition.

“College is expensive, so the possibility to gain money you don’t have to pay back is always desired,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez is not a beginner to the field of art, instead she’s immersed herself in her craft since middle school.

“I have been in art since 7th grade, and have been participating in rodeo art for five years, and HLSR Quick Draw for 2 years,” Hernandez said.

She cites many people as an influence towards her talented involvement in art.

“My dad always drew when I was younger, so I wanted to give it a try,” Hernandez said. “School helped, especially in second grade when Mrs. Satterwhite was our art teacher.”

There are many beneficial aspects that are offered in addition when one decides to connect with the right side of their brain (the creative and more emotional side).

“Freedom of expression and the pride of finishing a piece, knowing that all the hard work was worth it,” Hernandez said. “Through art, I can freely express myself, not through words that seem to limit, but my own marks.”

Story and photo by: Jenayah Evans


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