Night of Horror

By: Anastasia Treat

On a dark, eerie night where shadows lurked behind every corner, a startling wail came out from behind the girl chilling her to the bone. All she needed to do was get out of there quickly. Many go to haunted houses around Halloween time or even the night of Halloween. Haunted houses have attracted many due to their love of the thrill of being scared straight out of their shoes.

“I’ve honestly never been to a haunted house, but at some point this year I would like to go to one,” Senior, Ian King said, “It seems like fun, especially with jumpy friends.”

Haunted houses get the most attraction from teenagers because most teens don not really go trick-or-treating anymore, but they still want the thrill of dressing up and being able to hang out with their friends.

With so much Halloween fun, it’s a bit hard to pinpoint one favorite memory,” King said, “But I really loved Halloween three years ago. My older brother had dressed up as a scarecrow and acted like one until people approached.They had poked him and he played doll until he would sneak up behind them and scare the crud out of them.”

Halloween is a good holiday where one gets to be someone else. Make plans with some friends. It’ll be good to get out and wait for spooky stuff to happen. There are many haunted house around this area and also in the Houston area. Phobia Haunted Houses, Houston Scream Fest, and Creepy Hollow Haunted house are some great haunted houses to go to.

“My family are huge Halloween fanatics, Halloween basically starts in mid August for us.” King said. “We have lots of traditions like watching our old favorite horror movies, having meetings to discuss the new Halloween theme of the year, and going to Halloween shops in pursuit of new cool things to put up in our yard and scare people with.”

Hanging out with your family is also a great way to spend that night. People still go trick or treating with their younger siblings. Curl up on the couch watching classics like Halloween Town or Twitches. There are many great ways to spend Halloween just choose how you want to spend it.  

There is lots of stuff to do during this fateful season. Halloween is all around. So, get out there and have a good time making memories.

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