Manvel High School Hosts Elementary UIL

The National Honor Society volunteered to help elementary students competing in University Interscholastic League on Jan 26-27, 2018 at the high school.

NHS members stayed after school on Friday and Saturday to help young students navigate their way through UIL and the vast hallways of MHS.

“Setting a good example is important.” Senior NHS member Irving Perez said. ““I’ve been able to help by leading students into the gym, the classes they’ll be competing in, and any additional assistance they would need. A hard thing about helping at an event like this, is that sometimes the kids can get impatient, so getting them calmed in the gym can be pretty tough.I like to see that these elementary kids are so competitive, that they care about their academic excellence at a very young age.”

Many elementary students see their siblings as role models, and are quick to follow their actions so they can be just like them. NHS president Irving Perez has set a good example for a young student, who just happens to be his younger sister.

“ I decided I wanted to do UIL last year because I wanted to follow my brother’s footsteps,” Elementary UIL competitor Gloria Perez said. “ events like this helped him when he was young. I want to get better grades and go to a college like him.“

Many of the young students are grateful for the help of an older experienced leader, who is more than willing to help.

“The high schoolers have helped me get around the school.” Elementary UIL competitor Lily Richey said. “I decided to do UIL this year because I’ve done it before and had a great time competing in my event, and storytelling was very fun. UIL is pretty fun because you get to hang out with your friends at practice, and you can help each other improve”

Not only were high school students assisting with the event, but a few teachers at Manvel made sure to show their support for the students.

“My favorite thing about helping is seeing how excited these students are to compete,” Choir teacher Blythe Hopson said. “some are running around in excitement and are clearly loving what they’re doing.The only challenge so far is that there are a lot of kids here. Elementary UIL is an excellent opportunity for kids to show what they’ve learned. UIL helps prepare these students for academics in middle school and high school.”

For the sponsor of NHS, an event like this just reminds him of how special the members are, and how their work can have long lasting effects on the community around them.

Many honor members agree that their work is important, and have hopes their work will leave a lasting impression on the adolescents around them.

“It’s important to help these kids because they are the creme of the crop,“ Senior, Shadow Creek NHS member,  Evelyn Cai said. “they’re making sure to get themselves academically involved. I walk the students to and from the rooms they are competing in, the kids have actually been very well behaved so there hasn’t been a challenge for me yet.Getting to meet all these students is something I’ll always love because they all have very different personalities.”  

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