Perfect Promposals For Any Budget

Promposals can be a risky time of year for any student at Manvel, girl or boy, alike. Whether your wallet looks like you’ve just got this years tax returns, or Valentines Day decided to dehydrate it, there’s a promposal for you. Hopefully, you can find the promposal that will satisfy your partner and your wallet at the same time.

Here you’ll find a promposals broken into three parts. Non-expensive, Average, and pretty expensive.



  1. This solo cup promposal is sure to capture your date’s affection while not doing the same with your money. Buy a few packs of solo cups, set these cups up in a formation that spells out prom, paint, “Don’t let me go solo.” on a piece of paper, bring your date in, and bask in the “yes” they give you while you remember all the money you just saved.
  2. Buy the person you plan on asking a burger (or any food you know they especially like). Make sure you get enough ketchup to write four letters on your burger. Write “Prom?” on the bun and give it to the person intended. While you watch them happily eat a burger you can happily count your leftover money.



1.)  Since we have a newly opened Krispy Kreme in Pearland, now would be a nice time to gift somebody’s taste buds and ask somebody to prom. Simply ask workers there (give them some time, don’t just expect the donuts to be ready in 10 minutes) if they can give each donut you buy a letter “P-R-O-M-?”. Have the rest of the donuts decorated with nice frosting, or in interesting shapes. This will likely grab your date’s interest. Along with the donuts you can buy flowers, balloons, and paint a sign saying “I DO-NUT want go to prom without you.”

2.) Food promposals are seen quite often for a reason. They’re pretty cheap in comparison to many promposals, effective, and everyone loves food… so why don’t I give you another one. Either Wingstop or Buffalo Wild Wings can be used for this one. Buy your date’s favorite flavor of wings, on the inside of the box write, “ I’m going to wing this, Prom?”. Once again you can buy flowers, make a sign, and purchase candy your date may like.



  1. Last year was Louboutins, this year is… I honestly don’t know. However you can still buy your date a pair of shoes that don’t cost the same as a car’s down payment. If your date likes a particular pair of shoes, buy them. On the inside of the shoe box, you can write on a piece of paper, “I wouldn’t want to walk into prom with anyone else.” Along with the shoes you can buy food from your date’s favorite place to eat, snacks, candy, make a sign, and anything else special you can think of.
  2. For the last and possibly most expensive one, you can buy your date a purse. For this specific example we will use Michael Kors, you can buy a bag or wallet you think your that would like. On the poster you can write, “Of Kors I would ask you to prom.” Be sure to do the same routine with a few of the previous ones by buying flowers, candy, and a poster. Your pockets may feel a little lonely, but hopefully the date on your arm can help you grieve easier. 

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