Adjusting to AVL

Most seniors want to experience their final year at the fullest since it is a closing chapter of their lives, but because of this pandemic many people have been torn between the choice of experiencing that excitement of being a senior or simply sitting out because of the fear of the virus. Many seniors this year have decided to experience their final year by going to school, following all of the precautions to maintain themselves and others safely out of harm’s way. Many other seniors have decided to pass on the excitement of experiencing their final year of high school in fear of catching the virus and putting the lives of their family members at risk. Alvin Virtual Learning has led to many seniors, myself included, feeling overwhelmed but content. 

It was hard at first, honestly. I was very confused as to how everything was going to work out, I kept asking myself if this was even worth it because of how difficult everything was. We already experienced being in online classes back in March, why was this much harder? I kept reminding myself that I had to be patient with myself as well as my teachers, we were all struggling together with this new transition and method of school. After a few days of online classes I started to finally get used to waking up early in the morning and logging into my laptop to start school. It still is kind of difficult, having to juggle between my schoolwork and having to deal with things happening at home, but I feel like I have this all figured out. I actually prefer this way of doing my classes because it gives more flexibility to my schedule. I am now finishing my assignments and homework earlier than when I was physically going to school. I find myself also having more free time in the evenings which I use to spend with my family, which I struggled to do since I was always spending most of my time doing homework.

Despite the benefits that being a virtual learner has brought me, there were some downsides to it. One of the downsides is not being able to see my friends, and I will admit being in my room all day does get very lonely. There are moments I think about going back to campus because I miss my friends so much, but I reflect upon that decision and conclude that I can always communicate with them via social media. I personally think that it is not worth the risk going back to school just to see my friends while we are still in a pandemic. Another downside of being a virtual learner is that it is hard to prioritize work since not all classes are synchronous so I sometimes find myself struggling with deciding which assignment I should do first or if I should finish it all in one day or work on it throughout the week. I deal with this problem by writing all of the deadlines to my assignments on a planner and writing a to-do list to see what I should prioritize, though. 

Not everyone is doing virtual learning, some people have decided to go back to school for various reasons. Whatever your reason may be, it is important to make the choice on whether being in virtual learning or going to school physically is better by yourself. With your best interest and the best interest of others in mind, of course.

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