Opening Night At Mav House

Parents and families strolled through the school last night and met with teachers and staff. School groups like Avid, Majestics, Cheer and yearbook were out helping direct parents and greet parents. Teachers were excited to host students and parents in their own classrooms, this year. “Lots of parents came to open house,”  English Teacher RichContinue reading “Opening Night At Mav House”

Heart- Stopping Scenes

  The smell of spilled gasoline fills the senses and the sound of torn, crushed metal booms though the air. Three students are helped onto a stretcher with braces around their necks; grasping onto any thread of life they can find. Another six students, star athletes and mathletes, star students and star friends lay stillContinue reading “Heart- Stopping Scenes”

Manvel’s Got Talent

Students at Manvel High School took to the stage today to participate in the annual talent show. This year, the show was held in the auditorium for the first time, for two show times. The winners were: First Place- Chris Chea, Second Place- Genesis Burgess, Third Place- Davis Sisters  and the Fan Favorite- Antoine HillContinue reading “Manvel’s Got Talent”

Making Connections

Two members of the Manvel High Academic UIL Current Events team attended Global Challenges in 2016: A Conversation with General David Petraeus, through the World Affairs Council of Houston, on Feb. 12. The students, juniors Michah Harrison and Marche Matthews-Noel, attended the event with their current event team sponsor, Lisa Staup. The students listened toContinue reading “Making Connections”