Signing Day

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, many Manvel High School seniors signed to their future colleges.

The event took place in the large gym at 9:30 AM, along with many fellow Manvel students and teachers, who lended their support for the seniors who were beginning their college journeys in athletic endeavours.

 “It feels great,” senior Koby Foster said. “I’ve been trained in football since elementary. It feels good to be a part of such a blessing.”

Foster, along with many other young athletes, is signing to play football in college. But football isn’t the only thing signees are paving their futures with.

“It feels insane, to be the first girl committed to play water polo in our district feels surreal.” senior Noelle Redman said, “I am looking forward to my future and I am so grateful for all the people who helped me get where I am.”

Redman is signing to Lindenwood University to study and play water polo for next year’s season.

 And regardless of the sport, all of the signees have worked very hard for this day. “It’s awesome,” head coach Kirk Martin said. “I’m thankful for [the signees’] hard work in and out of the classroom. It’s a blessed day.”

The signees have gained much support from their fellow peers and families.

 “I’m sad, but this is really good for [the signees],” junior Kason Martin, a friend to some of the signees, said. “All of these guys are gonna start a new thing and that’s awesome. They’re gonna keep going in football and furthering their education. I’m gonna miss them but I’m happy for them.”

The signees will graduate May 27th at Reliant Stadium in Downtown Houston and then study at their committed colleges in the upcoming fall semester as they begin a new chapter in their educational and athletic journeys.


Senior Noelle Redman surrounded my friends and family during her signing to Lindenwood University
The football signees gathered around with head coach Kirk Martin for a picture

article written and published by: Maggie Habermas, web editor for the Maverick Informer

Making A Splash

This past Friday, Senior Patrick Meador placed first at the Annual AISD Classic Dive Meet. The meet took place at Manvel High School’s home pool, with girls diving beginning promptly at 10 AM and boys at 11:15. Other schools that competed were Dawson, Alvin and Taylor High School.

 “It’s been going good,” Meador said in regards to his season – which had began later than expected due to a broken foot early on in the year. “I’m almost back to where I was,” Meador said. “I look forward to district and regionals – and hopefully, even state.”

 Meador, who has been the school’s only diver for two years now, is going to leave behind quite a legacy once he graduates. He finished the meet on Friday with 397.2 points – only a few behind the school record for 11 boys dives.

 “I’m excited about how far Patrick has come since dealing with his foot,” Head Swim and Dive Coach, Richard Veal said. “I’m really looking forward to how he performs at district and region levels.”

 The AISD Classic is the last meet before the long road to state, beginning with districts – which will be held at the MHS pool on January 26th at 10:15am. Meador is eager to end his senior year with a splash at the state level.

Senior Patrick Meador executes his dive.


Head Coach Richard Veal speaks to the divers before they begin to compete.


photos and story by: Maggie Habermas

Mavs Fall Short to Temple

The Mavericks ended their playoff run against Temple Saturday at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. After a hard fought game and finally getting ahead in the fourth, Mavs came up short in the end with the final score 24-23. We compiled some of our favorite  photos from the past few playoff games. What a spectacular season!

Photos by: Camryn Demery and Noelle Redman


Educational Energy

Manvel High welcomed students to campus this morning with red carpet treatment. To start Education Go Get It Week off with a flourish, the band played as students came into the building this morning to start their day. Cheer and dance teams were also on hand to celebrate as students arrived.

Counselor Amanda Wade was in charge of this year’s Education Go Get It Week on campus, and her goal is to  encourage all students to finish high school and go to college (4 year or 2 year) or the military.

“Education Go Get It Week is symbolic of the perseverance that students of all backgrounds accomplish each and every time they make the decision to step through the doors and allow us to share, guide, and progress their educational experience,” Wade said. “This morning was awesome. It went better than I expected. Just seeing the students smile assured me that all the hard-work and planning to make this happen was worth it.”

During lunch, the Alvin Community College mascot came to visit.  Blue and college representatives  chatted and answered questions from students during all three lunches.


photos by: Junior Javian Drake and  sophomore Danyella Barajas

Last Chance Senior Yearbook Pics

Class of 2017- make sure you get your senior picture made on Nov. 7 in the auditorium. This will be YOUR LAST CHANCE to get this photo done for the yearbook. If you would like to retake a prior photo, you may show up on this day and do that as well.

Click here to access the letter from Strawbridge photography, which contains information about Nov. 7 photos.

picture day info here

Click here to access appointment times. Remember if you haven’t had a photo taken and you aren’t on the list, then show up anyway at a convenient time and have your photo made.

appointment time info here

Latest Lingo

  Every few years, some cool new words come into play that start to dominate the language of teens. Some stay, some go, but there are always fresh terms to use that are in the now. But these “hip terms” aren’t only catching on with the teens.

Some of our teachers hear their students saying the latest things, and this influences them to use it as well. It’s a pretty lit school year here at MHS, and the teachers are on fleek. For some teachers it comes naturally, but for others it can take them a little while to fully grasp the understanding of each term. Teachers like Dennis Schwent encounter these words and terms on a daily basis.


“I love ‘goals,’” math models teacher Schwent said. “I see them on snapchat. Like, somebody would take a picture of someone doing something and they’ll put like ‘life goals.’”

Each teacher has a different run-in with the newspeak. Depending on which subject they teach, how they interact with their students, and/or how often they catch wind of it, they know more or less words than the other.

Teacher Ranjani Sheshadri teaches PAP English I and AP English Language and Composition.


“Your brows are on fleek,” Sheshadri said. “And this room is lit. Literally and figuratively. It’s hip.”

Teacher Dustin DeBerry teaches AP Literature and Composition classes for six periods a day. He doesn’t hear the latest lingo as much as some of the other teachers while he’s in his classroom, but still knows it and encounters it daily in other parts of his life.


   “[The latest lingo] has it’s place in daily life,” Deberry said. “Language is just a way to communicate to one another, and it changes all of the time. But different types of ‘speaking’ are for different places and purposes. Things are lit on Twitter. But you wouldn’t say something like that at most job interviews, or you would probably sound ignorant. It’s silly and fun, just know how to use it. Definitely not to a boss.”

Opening Night At Mav House

Parents and families strolled through the school last night and met with teachers and staff. School groups like Avid, Majestics, Cheer and yearbook were out helping direct parents and greet parents.

Teachers were excited to host students and parents in their own classrooms, this year.

“Lots of parents came to open house,”  English Teacher Rich Ellis said. ” It was a great opportunity to connect with our parents and let them know about my class.”


Please view our gallery of open house photos.

Photos by: Alberto Aguirre

Senior Photo Retakes

Ok, seniors. It’s that time! Make sure you show up on September 12 to the auditorium for your senior yearbook photo. If you previously took a photo and would like a retake, you may do it on Sept. 12, as well. Attached is the appointment list. Things to remember:

1- The yearbook photo sitting fee is FREE! So come get your photo!

2-  If you would rather come at a different time of the day then your appointment is, that’s ok, the photographers will still take your photo.

3- If you aren’t on the appt list and want a photo, then go when your last name fits into the schedule. They will get your photo.

4- Also, again, retakes are welcome!

Appointment list here


Maverick’s New Leader

PRINThere are many new changes for MHS this school year, including the arrival of  new principal, Robert Martinez.

And as a new arrival, he said he is expecting to reinforce the values of the school. Former principal Charlotte Liptack is headed to AISD Administration  with a director position.

Martinez plans to begin the year by building friendly student relations; interacting in the daily lives of the students and staff being a priority. He is able to achieve this by using his prior experiences on the AISD school board. He was previously the principal of Fairview Junior High before coming to Manvel, and had also worked with the families of students.

”I began as the district’s parent involvement coordinator,” Martinez said. “I worked to strengthen family partnerships, and being a parent-involvement coordinator showed me that a lot of people outside of the district want to help us. I want the kids to be comfortable with me.”

And whilst making sure that the school body is comfortable, it is still important to remember that dress code will be taken as seriously as years prior. Martinez says he knows the topic of dress code can cause friction between the students and the staff, but he wants the students to be accountable of their own dress code.

“We want to be good role models,” Martinez said. “You wouldn’t like it if your teachers showed looking sloppy to school every day.”

And due to the  decrease of students in the school because of the Shadow Creek High opening, Martinez has made himself accessible by putting his school email on the front page of the school website, allowing students to reach him easier when he’s needed.

“This year, MHS has the largest senior class, and the smallest freshman class,” Martinez said. “It’ll take about two years to get everything normalized.”

Martinez is ready to start the year on a strong footing, and he hopes to connect with students as much as possible. And by growing these connections, he ensures that he will give all he can so that they can be successful in what they do.

“I would like our students to know we believe in them,” Martinez said. “I’m excited for this school year and I’m proud to be a part of the Maverick Family.”


Story By: Editor Dominic Stigler

Senior Summer photo info

Class of 2017-  the first round of senior photos are scheduled next week, July 25-28 at MHS. Strawbridge Studios will be on campus in the cafeteria to do senior photo sessions.

Many of you received mailings home and have scheduled appointment times, but if you did not, then don’t worry! You can show up any day next week at a time that works for you. If you would like, you can call Strawbridge and even schedule an appointment  866-624-6229. Also, please call the studio with any questions.

Here is the info : 108215 Manvel HS_Proof_7-25

here is the appointment list: 108215 Manvel High School APPT List



Walking For Life

Women and children with pink shirts flood the field with batons in hand and clutching water bottles in the other. Stands hold foods and t- shirts all ready for any ready buyer. This day in particularly is not the usual Saturday. No, it’s April 8th-Relay For Life Day.

Relay for life is one day in particular where our community gets together in support for those lives lost in battle or are still battling cancer.

“Anything I can do to give back in any form or fashion when it comes to cancer, I’m all there,” student Council Sponsor Darnelle Weatherspoon said.  “We came together as a school to raise money, and I’m proud of that. Next year I feel like we’ll do an even better job though. I think we should raise cancer awareness around the school so that we can do a better job staying active in fundraisers like relay for life.”

took part in the event by walking the track, selling shirts and snacks for the fundraiser, and participating in Student council members activities.

“I loved seeing the smiles on little boy’s and girl’s faces when we sold them a shirt or treat,” Madeleine Andriola, Vice president of student council said, “Being able to walk the track to show support also helped me see a bigger picture. I’m being selfless and walking for someone and doing something for someone else.”


Photos and story by: Sophomore Jenayah Evans